Monday, November 2, 2009

The Kiss ReMix, 2009

The Kiss ReMix, 2009

Inspired by friends, Jenny and Eric, and one of Jenny’s favorite painting’s (Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss)! The Kiss ReMix is a glass interpretation of Gustav Klimt’s famous painting, The Kiss (original Der Kuss). A wedding present for my two fabulous dear friends, Jenny and Eric!

The four panels highlight the shapes and cloak of the man as you slide down the left side of the piece. The woman’s garment and veil are the concentration in the bottom right panel, and their embrace is highlighted in the top right panel where faces meet. The panels are accented with copper paint on the inside edges, and gold on the outside. If you search closely in the piece you will find gold splattered glass bits in the man’s cloak from Jenny and I’s travels to Ravenna, Italy, home of some of the most beautiful mosaic bath houses and churches in the world.

[Stained glass and grout on wood, 4 panels, 12in x 14in each]

The work displayed in 4ART Gallery:

Klimt's Der Kuss:

The Kiss (Der Kuss)Gustav Klimt
Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas
Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

The Kiss, 71 in. x 71 in., was created by Australian Symbolist painter, Klimt using oil and gold leaf on canvas in 1907-1908. The painting depicts a couple, in various shades of gold and symbols, sharing a kiss against a bronze background. It resides in the Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria.