Monday, October 4, 2010

S.O.S. Art Exhibition

S.O.S. Art Exhibition

The S.O.S Art Exhibition, put on by the Bridgeport Art Center on September 10th, was an art exhibition responding to the BP oil tragedy.

The event was a great success and received great press! The Chicago Sun Times featured my piece :)
Honorary sponsors of the event were the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, and Baseball Wives Charitable Foundation. All proceeds benefited the Greater New Orleans Foundation, Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.

I presented my piece, Beauty Bloom, as a guest artist at the exhibition.
Relating to the oil spill, Beauty Bloom shines through the black ocean maze. This glass mosaic hums to the sweet scents of nature, winding white shades of stained glass to celebrate life's delicate beauty.

[Stained glass and grout on wood, 24in. x 24in.]

Haley & George, 2010

Haley & George, 2010
Made for friends Haley and George to celebrate their wedding! Haley, represented in warm colors on the left, leans in and faces George, the cool colors on the right. Haley’s flowing blonde hair consumes the left corner and bolts of energy explode from the middle as the couple reaches for each other. In the midst of the energy in and around them, the couple is calm together as their blue eyes meet and rest with each other in the center of the piece.

[Stained glass and grout on wood, 24in. x 26in.]

MySoiree Art Rocks Show

Art Rocks Event

The Art Rocks Show came to Chicago on July 27th at Reggie’s Rock Club! The San Francisco based is putting on the traveling show this year, visiting 11 cities across the US with the winners from all shows coming together for the final show in Las Vegas! Guess who was the Chicago show winner!! :) :)
A BIG thanks to family and friends that voted! See you in Vegas!!

Dani & Garrett, 2010

Dani & Garrett, 2010

This piece was custom made for newlyweds Dani & Garrett! It was custom designed for them by the maid-of-honor who wanted to include certain images important to the couple.

The key images include (mapped out below):

1. Cardinal (flying in when your eye meets the piece)
2. Tribune Building (depicted with transparent blue glass)
3. Chicago Skyline (Willis Tower & the Hancock)
4. The Lake (begins with a golden sunset and ripples out to sail boats and blue glass waves)
5. Acapulco (where the blues of the water meet the palm tree on the right, lining the right edge of the piece, white buildings representing the shoreline of Acapulco)
6. Apples (a basket of apples underneath the palm tree)
7. Football (the green checkered glass pattern in the bottom left of the piece represents the grassy patches of a football field with white hash marks dividing the areas, the greens move right leading into the brown spotted glass resting under the tree as a football)

[Stained glass and grout on wood, 20in. x 18in.]

Cas & Trey, 2010

Cas & Trey, 2010

This vibrant piece was made to celebrate Cas and Trey! Trey, represented by blues and cool colors to symbolize his strong humble personality stands on the left of the piece. To capture his love of a melody as a musician, strings of a thin glass harmony begin in the bottom left and round glass beats through the piece to the top right.

Cas’ vibrant energy shines through the warm colored glass. Her favorite color pink displays a bold highlight as her beautiful hair blows and she leans back to hug Trey.

Cas & Trey, Close-up Detail
[Stained glass and grout on wood, 21in. x 31in.]