Monday, April 11, 2011

Snowball 2011 Stage Decor

Snowball 2011 Stage Decor

Snowball 2011, hosted by the Junior Council of Children's Memorial Hospital, took place in Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom, Chicago on February 5th 2011 ( 1250 young professionals filled the ballroom for a night of food, fun, dancing, and more!

I constructed the stage decor for the event, using what I had made the year before and re-painting it to match the theme colors. Snowflakes were also added this year to give it a sparkling 3-D effect. The previous year the stage decor was made to reflect the skyline theme of Snowball which came from a skyline piece of art made by a child at Children's Memorial.

[12 panels of spray painted foam board, boards extended up to 48 in x 96 in]

(View of the stage from the balcony)

(Close-up of the panels)

I altered the Snowball 2011 panels from the panels I previously made for Snowball 2010:

(Child's artwork the stage was inspired by)

(Snowball 2010, View of the stage from the balcony)

Sport Boards - Detroit 2010

Sport Boards - Detroit, 2010

[2ft x 2ft panels, spray paint on wood]

Sport Board Bean Bag Boards

Sport Bean Bag Boards, 2011

Painted for the Snowball 2011 auction, the bean bag boards were a beautiful custom made set by Jim Theil at Theil Cabinet Shop in St. John, Indiana. The pair was painted with a cross-town classic tailgate theme. The auction was a success, as was Snowball: The Junior Council ( donated $105,000 to the AIDS & HIV Clinic at Children's Memorial Hospital!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hope Climbing with a Silver Lining, 2011

Hope Climbing with a Silver Lining, 2011

Hope Climbing with a Silver Lining was custom designed for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Cause. The piece captures shades of pink stained glass traveling up a silver lined path representing the energy, hope, and strength of the cause that touches each of our hearts. Different shades, textures, sizes, and shapes of pink glass represent the uniqueness of each individual who is part of this great cause to find a cure.

This particular piece came together quickly with a natural energy in parallel with its inspiration of a strong mother, daughter, and family.

[Stained glass and grout on wood, 11 in. x 24 in.]

TradingPartners Values Mural, 2010

TradingPartners Values Mural, 2010

The TradingPartners Values Mural was designed and installed in the TradingPartners’ Chicago office. The mural represents the five company values: one company, ambitious, set the example, we care, and it’s fun. Along with the values, the design was focused on the overall themes of the company’s people centric culture and people-driven business where the five values are used for working together as a team and as a guide for client relationships.

The values are represented by five larger outlined figures, supported by images of company events or milestones. For example, the Hammersmith sign represents the first company office in London, and the skyline is composed of buildings representing each city where an office of the company resides. The skyline is wrapped with a crowd of people cheering for runners, representing the charity half-marathon where TradingPartners’ employees both run and support each other.

The mural sits on the hallway wall of the Chicago office.

[15ft. x 8ft.]