Friday, July 6, 2012

Michelle and Aaron, March 2012

Michelle and Aaron, March 2012

Made for friends Michelle and Aaron. In the top right corner, the piece begins with structures representing different places in Michelle and Aaron’s life; the white structure is the Washington Monument, for Washington DC where they were married. Then the Ponte Vecchio bridge with water flowing under it, where they met, and coincidentally where I met them both. :) The colored glass between the arches and the top of the bridge (except for the silver) is stained glass from Ravenna, Italy, home of some of the most beautiful mosaics in the world.

To the right of the Ponte Vecchio is the Willis Tower (or John Hancock) as they both have horns :) representing Chicago, where Michelle and Aaron conquered living in their first city together.

Hugging the bottom of the ‘Willis Tower’ is a Vikings ship, floating down Michelle’s beautiful brown locks of hair. Michelle is in purples facing Aaron who is in blues and greens. I did reverse colors as now they are one, Aaron in blue, and Michelle now Purple (another reference to Aaron’s favorite football team). :) Their foreheads face and rest against each other.

Blue and gold ribbon intertwines above the profiles along the top edge of the piece, and finally last, but not least, Aaron has the mark of a true horned Viking on the side of his head.

The piece is filled with love and energy as the glass flows and bounces around.

[Stained glass and grout on framed mirror glass]

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