Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Dancing Spanish Fan, November 2012

The Dancing Spanish Fan, November 2012

The idea for this piece sparked at Vicky Cristina Tapas & Wine Bar in Tel Aviv. Vicky Cristina’s had unique menus in the shape of a fan, each section of the menu on a different wing. When you fanned out the menu all the elements came together as the full fan, taking the shape of the restaurant logo. The design of the fan on the logo is a multi-colored mosaic pattern, which as a glass artist drew my attention.

Using the inspiration from the soulful Spanish cuisine, lively atmosphere of Tel Aviv, and unique logo and menu, when I discovered the green window pane the piece started to come together. The beige semi-opaque marble glass was used to build the focal point of the piece – the fan. I ventured out to find old, unique plates with solid color patterns to fill the frame with a classic, soulful feel. The glass builds from the bottom middle and ‘fans’ out, with the color block rays shifting out to the edges of the frame.

The piece was constructed so when a light source is behind the piece the light shines through the beige glass only, assisting the fan in its dance.

[Stained glass and grout on window pane, 28 in. x 28 in.]

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